Places to See in Dubai for Memorable Getaway

Places to See in Dubai for Memorable Getaway

Categorized as fourth most visited destination in the world, there are numerous interesting places to see in Dubai. Besides Burj Khalifa, what are they?

Dubai Miracle Garden

Known as the largest flower in the world, you will feel different sensation when stepping into Dubai Miracle Garden. Chosen by many people as the most visited destinations, you need to stop for a while and try to catch the great visual attention offered by this garden. There are more than 109 million flowers visitors can see here. Various fragrances are also another attractive point that you can experience in this garden.

Not only stunned by how many flower species planted here, visitors will also be amazed by flowers which made into different kinds of shapes or characters. It makes the garden not only favourite place for nature lovers but almost everyone.

Deira Souk

Dubai has many interesting markets or known as Deira to Souk to visit. Among all, Deira becomes the one which is enjoyable to stop by. The market established around 1830s and located near Dubai Creek. The attractive point of this market is the old architecture as well as wooden archways which depict the past look.

Renowned as the largest gold market in the world, Deira Souk has various kinds of gold displays and shops windows. Even though you don’t end up buying gold, Deira still become good places to see in Dubai. In this market, tourists also can buy wide variety of spices such as saffron, cumin, and rose water. The area of market which sold spices actually is separated from the place main place which sells gold. But, don’t worry it is still adjacent to the gold parts. Hence, you can approach this place in short period of time.

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Dubai Aquarium

Dubai has so many magnificent tourist attractions. If you feel enough visiting tourist destinations and shopping centers in Dubai, perhaps you need to see how amazing the marine species in this city. Dubai Aquarium as the largest underwater aquatic zoo in the world will show you more than 140 different marine species. With 48-meter tunnel, you will be served with jaw-dropping experience while staring to numerous fishes and how big the aquarium is. For more interesting activities, you can try cage snorkelling and shark diving which provided by this place. Boat tours for travellers and older visitors are also other factor which makes this aquarium as most-wanted places to see in Dubai.