Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Places to Visit in Costa Rica

If the question about where to go in costa rica makes people confused, there is no need to worry because here are some great places to visit when they are in Costa Rica.


Visiting the beach can be the greatest activity which people will do in Costa Rica. The best place to do this is Nosara. People who love nature vacation or surfing will find this place a great place to go. It is not only the beach which can be enjoyed because Nosara can also offer people with the forest. National park system can be found in the country including in this place. Besides protecting the forest and the beach with national park system, local citizens are also involved.

Puerto Viejo

Many things can be enjoyed in Puerto Viejo. Surfing with world class experience surely can be found at this place. Other water activities can also be enjoyed including diving and snorkeling because this is the place where people can find blue waters and reefs. Water activities are not the only attraction of this place because people can also enjoy visit to cultural sites, riding a horse, and even biking on the mountain. Not far from this place, there is Cahuita National Park which protects the only coral reef in the country.


The next answer of where to go in costa rica question is Montezuma. This place can be found in the southern Nicoya Peninsula tip. It was fishing village which is small and remote in the past. It is getting more popular as low budget destination for people who want to visit attractions like Curu Wildlife Reserve, Isla Tortuga, and Cabo Blanco National Park. The village has the lifestyle which is laidback so it is popular among foreign visitors with young age.

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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa might be beach village which has very small size. It is located almost at the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula. This tiny village is famous because it has the beach which can offer the best surfing experience in the country. There are many travelers who describe this place as a paradise because the location is secluded and private. If people go a little further to the south, they will find Mal Pais. This place is a little bit wider than Santa Teresa with beaches and also reefs. For people who are looking for a perfect getaway, this location should be included in the list of where to go in costa rica.

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