Places to Visit in Philippines

Places to Visit in Philippines

Philippines is a country with too many beautiful places to visit. A seven-day- vacation will never enough to explore the country which has 7000 islands, but at least, try to reach these four most stunning places to visit in Philippines.


There are more than twelve magnificent beaches in the island of Boracay. This is the best place for you to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, any many other water activities. One of the most popular beaches in this island is White Beach, which is always lively all year. For you who love to collect shells, Puka Shell Beach is the right destination to stop by. Meanwhile, if you prefer a quiet environment, then you should visit Cagban Beach. What is great about Boracay is the fact that despite its tiny area, this island has so many resorts where the visitors can stay and enjoy top facilities. To end the perfect holiday in Boracay, you are suggested to visit Mount Luho, the highest point of this island, where you can observe the whole area and take a glimpse of its perfect landscape.


This place is like a heaven for divers. The Cebu island is the port of many diving and snorkeling spots that are popular among the water enthusiasts. The diving activity here is not the same as that in the other spots. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean accompanied by whale sharks that swim freely around you. Besides, sea turtle and coral reefs also never fail to give a spectacular view of the underwater landscape.


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Banaue is the right place for you to escape from daily routines that you always do in the city. Different from the busy city condition, the environment here is very quiet. The green rice terraces are the most impressive view to enjoy here. The best place to enjoy the scenery is at the sunrise, when you can see the mountain reveal its beauty.


The reason why Sagada should be included in the list of places to visit in Philippines is because it offers a unique and unforgettable experience to its visitors. It is the area where the indigenous tribes of Philippines live. It is like a paradise for you who love culture and outdoor adventures. One of the most interesting things to see in Sagada is the hanging coffins that are placed deep in the Sagada Mountains. You will need the local tourist guides to bring you see this impressive site, since it is actually an authentic tribal region.