Recommended Hotels near Kalahari Resort Sandusky

Hotels near Kalahari. Before we get to the topic of the Kalahari Resort, it is wiser to know about the origin of the name first.

The Origin of “Kalahari”

Kalahari is the name of a desert located in South Africa with the width of 900.000 square of kilometers which covers majority of the Botswana, regions of Southern Africa and parts of Namibia. The name of “Kalahari” itself means The Waterless Place or The Great Thirst. The reason for the name is because there is no permanent surface water in this vast area which is covered by the red sand. The Kalahari Desert Climate is subtropical. In the summer time, the weather tends to become extremely hot, and on the winter season, the temperature might even reach below 18 Celcius. What makes the extreme condition of Kalahari Desert becomes popular for human settlement? The reason is De Beers found a potential Diamond mining at Gope within the Kalahari in the 1996. Therefore, since then, the Kalahari becomes a popular place for people who wants to test their luck in the diamond business.

The Hotels around Kalahari Resort Sandusky

Due to the popularity, Kalahari giant waterpark and resort has a lot of hotels surrounding it hoping to get customers from the waterpark and casino. Kalahari Resort has opened so many branches which are located in Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In this short article, here are few examples of affordable recommended hotels near Kalahari Resort Sandusky for you if you ever want to make plans in visiting the Kalahari:

  1. Fairfield Inn
  • It is a high rated Hotel with the location of nearing the Sandusky Mall. The Inn itself has 2 floors with 88 clean rooms and suites as well. For the facilities, the guests would get free continental breakfast and free parking as well. Free internet also included in the room charge. However, it is prohibited to bring pets inside the inn. The room price cost of this inn would be around $99 dollars per night.
  1. Hampton Inn
  • This is a smoke free hotel located also near to Sandusky Mall. The hotel building has 3 floors and merely 50 rooms. However, this hotel is rated very high by the visitors of this hotel. For the facilities, the hotel provides heated indoor swimming pool, free internet, free parking, and free nice hot breakfast buffet. For the price of this hotel might be a little expensive for an inn where the room price for each night is around $107 dollars. However, this hotel always get a marvelous review by its customers and that what makes the spending worthwhile.
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Hopefully this short article would be able to aid you as a reference and broaden your knowledge for Hotels near Kalahari.