Recommended Place to Visit and Pics of Beautiful Places in the World

Recommended Place to Visit and Pics of Beautiful Places in the World

You can find pics of beautiful places in the world in some website before you choose where to go.  Choosing destination to go in your holiday will take more time. There are some things to consider before you go. For all of you who have a plan to visit some places in Asia but you still don’t find right place to go, you better read information below. You can find recommended place to visit and reason why you need to go there.


Visit Penang Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia is one of recommended places to go. This place is well known as pearl of orient. It is a place for all of you who are looking for delicious foods, place to relax, and learn more about old history in Malaysia. When you come to this place, you will know more how to appreciate Penang in new way.


Why you need to taste the food from Penang? Foods that offered to you in Penang are combination of best cuisine of Southeast Asia and get some influence from China and India. That is why you will taste best food and mouthwatering menus when you come to some restaurants in Penang.

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For all of you who like to learn more about Malaysia or old Penang, you can visit some museums and also art galleries that offered to you. It will become nice activities to do when you are in Penang. Georgetown is nice place to go and to take some pictures with old architectural background.  How to reach Penang? You can reach Penang in easy way from some top places in Malaysia.


Visit Phuket Thailand

When you search some pics of beautiful places in the world, you will find Phuket picture as one of top destinations to go in Asia. Why you need to come to Thailand? Thailand offers you cheap dicing, best nightlife activities, and for all of you who like to continue travel o trip to Hawaii, you can get in less price.


Phuket offers you best view of beach and island. There are some people come to this place to enjoy doing some water activities such as diving, fishing, kayak and some other water sports.


Visit Siem Reap Cambodia

Last destination that you can visit is Cambodia. You can visit Siem Reap. It is one of UNESCO Heritage Sites. You can see Angkor Wat that has already 900 years old. It is old temple with beautiful architecture or design. You can reach Angkor Wat in easy way because there are some tour agents offer you travel package to this destination. You can open some other pics of beautiful places in the world before you go.

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