Singapore Malaysia Tour Package from Chennai Cost And Tips

Singapore Malaysia Tour Package from Chennai Cost And Tips

Even though Singapore is not so big, it is a great place to spend holiday. This article will share you information about singapore malaysia tour package from Chennai.


The price is varying. However, in common it start from Rs 49,999 only. There is no precise estimation since different travel tour companies may offer you with different price.

The common package

When applying tour package to Singapore, tour company usually offers fascinating places. They are Sentosa Island, Night Safari, Universal Studio, Singapore Zoo, Sea Aquarium, Singapore Flyer, and Chinatown. Some companies may offer different additional places.

Besides that, there is also another common package, which covers both Singapore and Malaysia. It usually offers visit Sunset in Sentosa, as well as a tour to Kuala Lumpur City, visiting KLCC Sky Bridge, Batu Caves, Genting theme park and Sunway Lagoon.

Tips to choose the best package

If you find too many packages, here we will share you the simple guide to pick one.

  1. Do not get fooled by ‘cheaper’ version

Some trips with ‘budget’, ‘basic’, or ‘backpacker’ is not a guarantee that it is the best option. Even though the take line often advertise that it is cheaper and better option, sometimes it can become a ploy to catch more traveler market. It will be better of you find more information about the average cost and compare what kind of facilities you can get.

  1. Avoid buying extras
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If you want to save extra cash, then it means that you should not purchase any pre as well as post trip accommodation. It applies the same for airport transfer through your company. For your information, booking additional accommodation independently will give you fewer cost than other option, you can also book directly from the website.

Related with purchasing things, it is also suggested not to go shopping in groups. More opinion in your group will likely force yourself to buy the things, which is actually not so important. It goes the same for optional activities setting by the tour leader as well. If you think that it does not give you much benefit, or you can save money than spending for that activity, it is better to avoid that. On the contrary, if the offer is worth enough, never hesitate to take it as you may not get the second same chance.

Those are all information about singapore malaysia tour package from Chennai we can share at the moment.