Staying at Cheap Hotels in Hattiesburg MS to Enjoy the Hattiesburg City

Looking for cheap hotels in Hattiesburg MS? If you happen to travel around USA surely you can’t miss Hattiesburg—the principal city of Mississippi. Many people love to visit this city because they love to do the city tour. There are many interesting and unforgettable places that visitors can enjoy. Visitors with kids will be very happy since most places are kid friendly and educational. Those with budget traveling plan, they don’t have to worry. There are many cheap hotels there. Let’s check the information about Hattiesburg to visit below.

Interesting places in Hattiesburg to do the city tour

For adults and kids:

  • Mississippi Armed Forces Museum. This museum is no doubt educational.  It has interesting displays and stories about veterans of Mississippi. It also is completed with some tanks that will make kids feel inspired and happy.
  • African American Military History Museum. This not-really-big-museum is free of charge. The military information and history are explained with a recorder. Surely this place will inspire young kids wanting to be in military in the future.
  • Hattiesburg Zoo. Like mentioned before that this city is kid friendly, it does have a small, clean, well-organized zoo that will make young children happy and excited. All of the staff is nice. There are a lot of interesting activities for young children and of course the zoo is available with animal species so that young children can broaden their knowledge.
  • Pep’s Point Water Park. Which kid doesn’t like to play with water? The water of the pond is so cold and relaxing in a hot day. This place is so great for everyone especially kids. There are a dock and a floating dock for kids. There is an area where adults can see their kids swim. There are no luxurious facilities in here, but the place is always interesting to visit.
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For adults

  • Adult visitors can go to the Southern Prohibition Brewing to taste local brewed beer that comes cheap and ready for everyone’s taste.
  • Adults can visit bars and clubs in Hattiesburg which spring up like mushrooms.

In almost every part in Hattiesburg, cheap hotels are available. Visitors can book a room through their websites, through other sites for booking hotels and other places to stay, or book directly when you come to the hotels. However, you should be prepared if the rooms are not available. If you travel with kids you should book days before you get to the city. So, are you ready to pack and go to this city to enjoy? Hopefully the article about cheap hotels in Hattiesburg MS will give you enough information.

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