The Best Places to Visit In Philippines For Couples

The Best Places to Visit In Philippines For Couples

Looking for places to visit in philippines for couples? As we know, having a good vacation with couple is a thing that we really want. Here, this will make our relationship becomes tight. If you want to go to philippines, we have some recommended places to visit. Here, you will not be disappointed because the places we share with you are beautiful and awesome.

El Nido, The Paradise in Philippines

This is a place which will make you amazed to its scenery. El Nido is a place which is located in the province of Palawan. This place has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Besides, there are impresive cliffs which you can see in this place. Lastly, you must go to El Nido because we can’t describe by words about its beautiful landscapes.

Mount Pico de Loro

Located between two provinces, Batangas and Cavite, Mount Pico is a place which you need to visit. If you can go to the peak, you will witness a beautiful landscape. What makes this place unique is, the peak has only narrow area. It will make you feel an adrenaline as well. So, if you and your spouse are adventurers, going to this Mount Pico is a must.

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Another beach that you need to visit in Philippines is Boracay. Whether enjoying a sunrise or a sunset, Boracay is complete. Besides, there are some amenities which definitely spoil you. Not only that, all night party scen will give you a lot of fun. If you want to get an adrenaline, you can go to a spot which is Ariel’s Point. Here, you can do cliff diving and kayaking. Lastly, another water sports are available here.

Lake Sebu

Why we recommend you this place? Becase Lake Sebu has its own uniqueness. There are striking waterfalls which located in this place – beside clean lakes. You don’t only enjoy the scenery in this place, yet you will also know the cultures of T’boli and Ubo tribes. Even though Lake Sebu is not popular as other places, we can say that you will not regret to visit this place.

Vigan City

If you want to enjoy a city tour, going to Vigan City is the best choice. This one of places to visit in philippines for couples, is very unique and also historical. Moreover, UNESCO has put this city as World Heritage City. Of course, this is because there are some buildings which have spanish style. Besides, the architecture also reflects some cultural elements from european and chinese style.

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