The Best Places to Visit In Singapore In 3 Days

The Best Places to Visit In Singapore In 3 Days

Places to visit in Singapore in 3 days are suitable for those of you who only have a short time to visit this country. The country has many interesting sights but you can only visit some places because your time is very limited while in this country. Below are some recommended sights.

Gardens by the Bay

This is an artificial garden that many people love. This park is like a fantasy garden because there are many flowers in this park. This park has a unique and complicated design. You can see the dome of flowers and become the largest greenhouse in the world. Garden enthusiasts can find interesting sights in the park. There are about 380,000 plants in this park. You can spend half a day to surround this park and this park is a wonderful place for children because children can play at Rainforest Tree House. Your child can also visit the water park. You can choose summer to visit the dome because this dome will look cool and beautiful in summer.

Marina Bay Sands

This place becomes an icon in this country and this place is called shipbuilding. If you do not stay at this hotel, then you cannot go to the swimming pool indefinitely but you do not have to worry because you can do other things. You can take the elevator to the 57th floor and see the city skyline from the heights. You can find casinos, shops, and restaurants.

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Kampong Glam

This is a traditional area inhabited by Malay-Muslim society. This is a wonderful blend because you can see modern and ancient Malay culture in this village. It’s a quiet place with cafes and cute little shops. If you want to visit Sultan Mosque, then you have to respect tradition. You can borrow a robe to cover your clothes.

Tiong Bahru Estate

This is a famous area in Singapore that presents old and new culture. You can buy tropical fruit in the wet market and eat noodles in this market. You can also take pictures of ancient architecture in this area that was built in the 1930s. Do not forget to buy the delicious lemon and chocolate tarts in this area.

Orchard Road

This is a place to spend your money because the streets are filled with malls and shops that sell a variety of clothes and accessories.

Lau Pa Sat

You can enjoy the cold beer and traditional food in the evening. This place has a lively atmosphere. This is a cheap place to eat in the country.

The Botanic Gardens

The last place is botanic gardens. You can see beautiful orchid plants. The place is not far from the city center so you do not need a long time to walk to the hotel.

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That’s the place to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

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