The Cheapest Way Cheapest Way to Get to Paris and London

The Cheapest Way Cheapest Way to Get to Paris and London

As we know that London and Paris are two biggest tourist destinations in Europe, only few hours separated each other by rail or road, or only take an hour in the air as well. There are several cheapest way to get to Paris.

By air (it’s fast but not too efficient)

Flying between London and Paris is one of recommendation transpiration. However, the distance is too short and there are other ways to go there. This is also a good way to check that there are many travel company sites that offer you with the cheaper fare. Usually they offer you with lower price when you booked in the last minute or in advance as well.

By Rail (Fast and Comfortable)

There is direct train between London and Paris that you can try is Eurostar that travels between London to Paris about 15 to 17 times per weekday. The trip only takes about two hours with maximum speeds. Your trip will feel like a air travel along with security checks and passport control from both directions. From London, you can purchase London-Paris Fares at very affordable price for round trip. You can book nonrefundable tickets in advance as your best way to find very low cost fare as well. There is also NightClubber ticket that limits your trip from late Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday Morning.

By Bus (Long trip but super affordable)

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Bus is the cheapest way to get to Paris. However, it takes longer time than a train or flight as well. Then the Megabus offers you with three main bus lines throughout these two capitals as well. The Megabus takes nine hours for your trip and Eurolines journey will take around seven to eight hours. You do not have to worry because all those three lines provide you with free Wi-Fi connectivity.

So, what’s your preference?

You can use those tips to save up more money as you can enjoy your travel based on your preference. You can decide how you prefer to travel between those capitals. If you enjoy traveling by air, then this is better to book your fare in advance to get lower price. However, if you enjoy traveling by using train, it’s much cheaper and only takes 2 hours while you can enjoy your trip in the best way. If budget is the main thing, then you can choose travel by bus as the cheapest way to get to Paris.