The Coolest Destinations in the World

The Coolest Destinations in the World

Show you with all of best destinations in the world can take a lifetime, however there are coolest place in the world and these natural wonders should be on your top travel list.

Marrakech, Morocco

This city offers you with much colors and fabrics, many beautiful mosques, gardens and other thing that make you keep exploring for days. Ensure that you avoid the warmer sessions since Marrakech will have very high temperatures year round. This place offers you with different experience with the unique buildings

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is an area in Turkey where you can see that whole cities had been carved into the rock, and is so beautiful with its own. No wonder that this place start to gain popularity because it’s great panoramic. Whenever the hot air balloons fly to the sky, then its beauty just increase and wonderful.

Hanoi, Vietnam

This is capital city of Vietnam and become the second largest city. Hanoi was often listed as the must visit destination for those who want travel to the Vietnam. While you might find out crowdy street and sometime so chaotic, however there are many cultures which been influenced by several countries, especially Southeast Asian, French, and Chinese influences.

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Prague, Czech Republic

This is passing through city that located in Central Europe has quickly become a popular destinations among European travelers. This Capital of Czech Republic offers you with great beer and one of the coolest place in the world. Ensure you visit Cesky Krumlov which is only take 2 hours drive away because this city might be the most romantic place in Europe.

Vatnajökull: Iceland

This place is the largest glacier in the Iceland and become one of the most beautiful sites in this country. You can see a great landscape like you are in another space. Complete with volcanoes, canyons and more. All you can see is huge ice which offers you with magnificent panoramic.

Ubud, Indonesia

Far away before Hollywood captured in “Eat, Pray, Love” with the charm of Bali. There are many travelers come to Ubud to experience natural organic food, enjoying beautiful sunsets and have spiritual experience as well. Perhaps, there is no place as surreal as Ubud which located in the center of Bali along with its so friendly locals and pristine rice fields.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

This place is really like world of Eden, where you can see zebras, rhinos, giraffes and more great creatures on it. This place offers you something different. Great place to see this wild-life creature.

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