The Heaven on Earth: Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World

The Heaven on Earth: Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World

You have no right to say that you are a traveller if these top 10 beautiful places in the world is not on your list.

The Blue Ridge Mountain, USA

While people may damn the USA as a war-mongering country trying to play the world’s police, USA got its own paradise in it called the Blue Ridge Mountain. The name comes from the fact that the mountain looks blue when you see it, and you cannot find a view like this in any countries in the world.

Oia Village in Santorini, Greece

Oia village has been the subject of many travelling packages and it is only right for travel agencies to advertise the place. With the intricately designed architecture, I will be surprised if the village did not advertise itself.

Plitvice lakes of Croatia

Located near Zagreb, these collection of lakes are almost magical to the view. If traditional high fantasy is your forte, then the place will remind you of any Elvish settlements in that genre. It is both natural and unworldly, and I would not be surprised if an Elf or two live over there.

Uyuni Salt lake, Bolivia

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Or commonly called the Salar de Uyuni. If salt and travel is your think, why not travel to this place? Salar de Uyuni is possibly the largest salt flat in all over the world. Beneath the salt is a collection of brine, but you can be sure that the salt land is safe for you to step on.

The Sossusvlei of Namibia

The name might be a tongue twister for non-natives, but the place will be a mind twister for everyone visiting it. The collection of red dunes that surround the clay and salt pan will be a view for any sore eyes. Place is also famous for its drought, meaning that you will not find any water over here.

Moraine lake in Canada

While USA got lots of beautiful places (the one mentioned above is just one of them), people of Canada does not have to visit the neighbouring country if they want to see a sight. Moraine lake will give them the same happy feeling.

Niagara Falls of USA and Canada

Niagara is the golden child of both USA and Canada. The three massive waterfalls work together to form a spectacle for the beholders.

Italy’s very own Amalfi coast

Italy also got something to be proud of in terms of places to visit. Enter Amalfi Coast, a beautiful stretch of coast that deserves a visit from any weary travellers.

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Switzerland also got Apenzell as one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world

Good for you and the kids if you got one. It is a village of fairy tale simply because it resembles those laid back villages you see in those stories (the one with good endings, of course).

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Every places with blue water in them are usually a good place to visit. Iceland’s Blue lagoon is pretty much obvious. The lagoon is clear blue, making it a sight for everyone visiting them. You should put this on your top 10 beautiful places in the world.