The Historical Traveller Guide to the Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Historical Traveller Guide to the Most Beautiful Places in the World

History is an interesting thing to learn, and because many historical places also encompass the most beautiful places in the world, learning about it should be a wonderful thing to do. To learn about history well, it is only good for us to directly learn from the place where said histories take places. Like I said before, you can learn history while you are travelling, so you can easily overlook the fact that you are learning because the fun you get from travelling will cover that.

Because this article is starting to stray away from its intended intention, I will no longer waste time and will jump into the entrée. Here are the most beautiful places in the world that you can visit to learn history:

Petra in Jordan

Have you ever seen the third Indiana Jones movie and wonder about that magnificent carved place? That place is called Petra, and that place is filled to the brim with historical things to learn. Located in Arabah, this place is like the historical hot zone for those interested about the ‘before centuries’ time. It is also a good place to learn about the ignorance of Rome and how Rome is not the civilized country as we all know.

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A Swiss explorer found this one place unscathed thanks to her or his odd tendency to follow some natives over there. It is one of the seven wonders of the world, too.

Stonehenge in England

This one here is interesting for a reason unknown to me, but many people visit this place thanks to its oddness. The mystery surrounding this stone is related on the presence of that stone in that particular place. Why is it a mystery? Simply because the stones are from Wales and the place where Stonehenge is located is pretty far from that dragon country. Because many ways to replicate the stone moving is yet to be found, many speculates that teleportation is the key here. The scientists do not even know why the stones exist on that place and not others. Some thinks that the stone are there for ritual purposes, but the exact reason is still unknown.

You cannot visit the place at the moment thanks to vandalism and constant researches on the stones, but you can still go around the site if you want to.

The Coliseum in Rome

Rome is a place filled with wonders and magnificent historical things. However, none compares to the Coliseum. This big old boy right here has been a place where history was rampant. It is the place where Caesar stepped his foot on, it is the place where spectacles happened, it is the place where sweats and bloods where shed, and it is the place where death sentences take place. It is a magnificent historical place for those interested about the history of Rome (which basically constitutes the history of Europe in general) and it is a good place for a sight see.

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Be warned though that visiting this one of the most beautiful places in the world is a bit restricting thanks to its age and its fragility.