The Most Popular Places to See in Singapore

The Most Popular Places to See in Singapore

Singapore, a small city-state that is known as the place for the rich. In fact, Singapore does have more than just luxury hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants. Here are some places to see in Singapore which prove that this city-state is, indeed, for everyone to enjoy.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful green space that is designed to give the visitors time to enjoy the natural greenery and to escape from the futuristic city. You will be able to take a glimpse of the beautiful plant life in the Bay East Garden, magnificent waterfall in the Cloud Forest Dome and also many other biodiversity that will make you do not want to leave these places.

Marina Bay Sands

Almost all of the people who have ever visited Singapore have also stopped by this place, where the iconic Skypark is located. Next to the Skypark, you will be able to take a glimpse on the unique architecture of ArtScience Museum, which will create a perfect landscape background for your photograph.

If you are interested to stay in the Skypark hotel, you will get an access to the viewing deck on top of the Skypark. You can also feel the sensation of swimming in the infinity pool on that viewing deck. The Skypark Rooftop Restaurant also offers some snacks and coffee for you to enjoy while seeing the beautiful landscape of Singapore from the top.

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China Town

If you want to visit China, but have not gotten the opportunity to do that, this place might become the alternative choice. Representing the originality of Chinese culture, Singapore’s Chinatown offers you the typical small stores and also authentic Chinese cuisines. Red lanterns and many other Chinese typical items and decorations are easily found there.

In that place, you will find Chinese Heritage Centre where you can see a beautiful temple. By visiting this place, you will understand how Chinese culture strongly influence the Singapore’s past. With all of these amazing things to see, no wonder that Chinatown is included in the list of places to see in Singapore.

Little India and Arab Streets

Not only the culture of China, but you can also find the culture of India and Arab in Singapore. The place that shows you the glimpse of these cultural diversity is Little India and Arab Street. For your information, this place is also known as the Arab Quarter. For more than 200 years, Indian and Arab communities have included in the history of Singapore. Even the word “Singapore” is actually derived from an Indian’s Sanskrit word. Here, you can see how Indian worship their Gods, and how they celebrate traditional holidays.

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