The Places to Visit In Rome In 2 Days

The Places to Visit In Rome In 2 Days

Not too long in Rome? Don’t worry, we have places to visit in rome in 2 days. As we know, Rome has a lot of historical tourist attractions. Here, we will share with you how to spend your 2 days in this heritage city.

Day 1

Here, you can go to the Borghese Art Gallery first. There are some greatest collections of art that you can see in this place. Besides, the building of this place is very beautiful. However, make sure that you have already made a reservation before going to this art museum. Making an online reservation is a good idea. Then, you can enjoy the highlights of Rome in the afternoon. Such as the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and also The Pantheon.

If you want to have a lunch, there are many places which offer delicious foods. The recommended place that you can enjoy your lunch is in Piazza Navona. Here, this place is filled with some cafes and fountains. Another place that you can visit if Piazza Navona is crowded with people is Campo de Fiori. This place has more shops and stalls.

Day 2

After visiting some highlights in Rome, now you can go to the ruins of Roman empire. The first place that you should visit is the most popular historical place – The Colosseum. In order to avoid the long ticket lines, you can buy a ticket through online reservation. If you can’t get online ticket and face long ticket lines, you can go to The Roman Forum first. Here, this place is considered as the historical center of Rome. To go inside this place, you can enter from Palatine Hill. Why? Because the line is shortest. So, you will exit at the gate which is near to Colosseum.

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We need to eat, right? The you need to recharge your energy by having a lunch. Then, Vatican City is a place that you can visit. Here, Vatican City is the smallest country which ever exists. Besides, the Pope lives here. There is a church that you should visit. It is St. Peter Basilica, the largest catholic church in this world. If you want to see the Pope, you can go to Vatican City on Wednesday and attend its general audience. The time is 10.30 am. However, this event is held if the Pope is in Rome.

Lastly, you can also have a dinner in Vatican City. Spending your last time of visiting places to visit in rome in 2 days in this place will make your night become peaceful.