The Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai to Quench that Dubai Thirst

The Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai to Quench that Dubai Thirst

Dubai is a famous town thanks to its futuristic look, but if you are looking for something even more specific, check out a few of these top 10 places to visit in Dubai:

The Miracle Garden

It is said that the Miracle Garden brings miracles to the people visiting it, hence the name. If miracle is another name for bedazzlement and millions of beautiful flowers, then the name rings true. It is a good place for flower lover to visit.


Dubai is a futuristic city, but one must not forget about the traditional ones as well. Bastakiya is just that. With its heritage filled architecture, this place will certainly takes you back when Dubai was just a small Arabic city instead of the bustling metropolis that it is now.

Deira Souk

This place here is not only the biggest gold market in the world, but is also the best market for a walk in Dubai. History is everywhere in Deira Souk thanks to its architecture, making it perfect for those on a culture trip.

Dubai Aquarium

What makes this place good is not its size. The variety of aquatic animals is also not too amazing. What makes this place amazing is the fact that this aquarium is located WITHIN a mall. Imagine how big the mall must be.

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The global village

Do not let the name fool you, my friend. This is no simple village. Instead of the usual laid back farming or hill village, the title village over here is just somewhat a lie. This is just a small modern city filled with lights and colours.

Dubai desert conservation reserve

This desert is the perfect place to see Arabian gazelle. If animals are the things that make you tick, then you should visit this place and witness them at their habitat.

Alserkal Art district

Dubai is the city of everything. You can find good food, good hangout zones, good aquarium, and a nice history lesson. However, Dubai can also be called as the city of good arts. This district is probably what makes the Dubai art pops out.

Dubai Opera

Sydney’s Opera house might be the nicest looking opera house out there, but that does not make Dubai’s very own bad by any means. If you are craving for opera shows, ballet, and comedy shows, this place is especially made for you.

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

Other mosques in the world do not compare to this one right here. If the many mosques all over the world are symbol of modesty and humbleness, this one is not. It is pretty to the eye, however, making it a good eye fresher.

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Dubai museum

The last of the top 10 places to visit in Dubai is the Dubai Museum.

If you wonder why this place looks like a fort, it is because it was a fort. Many people put this place as one of their top 10 places to visit in Dubai thanks to its abundance of historical related things contained within it.

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