The Top 10 Things To Do In Rome, Italy

The Top 10 Things To Do In Rome, Italy

Looking for top 10 things to do in rome italy? You are in the right place. As we know, the city of Rome has so many historical places. Because of it, we may be confused about where places should be visited. So, to help you know what things to do, you can follow what we share with you below.

The Colosseum

The first thing you need to do is, you should visit the Colosseum. This place is a famous tourist attraction which is well known in the world. Yup, the place which used to be an arena for gladiator, includes in world’s seven wonder.

The Pantheon

The next place you need to visit is The Pantheon. Before being used as a church, the Pantheon was used to be as a temple. Here, the architecture which you can see is very Greek-styled temple. Lastly, we suggest you to visit this place between 11 am and 1 pm. Why? You will see an amazing thing there.

Trevi Fountain

This place is the most popular fountain in the world. You can throw some coins into the fontain. Here, there is a myth that if you throw 2 coins, then you will find your love.

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Palatine Hill

Actually, this place is also in one area with Roman Forum. In the Palatine Hill, you can see ruins of Roman left in this place. If you go to the Palatine Gill, you can ask a guide to accompany you walking around this place.

Vatican City

A country which is located in a city? Yup, it is Vatican City. This city is the home of Pope. There are several catholic churches which exist in Vatican City. Besides, one of churches is the biggest churches in this world.

Galleria Borghese

Visiting Rome will not be completed if you don’t visit Galleria Borghese. Here, this place is also considered as an art gallery. You can see the paintings and sculptures which made by Raphael and Titian.


Exploring Rome on foot is also a great thing that you can do. Here, you can walk around the city and visit Trastevere. When the sun goes down, there are violinists and tambourine players which will entertain you here.

Piazza Navona

If you want to have a lunch, going to Piazza Navona is a great idea. Here, this place is filled with some cafes and a well known fountain. Definitely, you will have a great lunch in this place.

Spanish Steps

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This is another tourist attraction that you can visit. This place has a unique steps. Here, the Spanish Steps is usually chosen as a place which can make artists in Italy fresh.

Lastly, if you go to Vatican City, you can meet the Pope. But, this one of the top 10 things to do in rome italy only happens when the Pope is in Rome. Besides, it is only for Wednesday.

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