The Top Places to Visit In Rome

The Top Places to Visit In Rome

Do you want to go to Rome? We have some recommended places to visit in rome. As we know, Rome is the capital of Italy which has a lot of historical places. Here, this city has so many ancient heritages. Especially for the buildings which have architecture style of old Roman. Okey, let’s see what this city has below.

The Colosseum

This is a place which is considered as the most popular place to visit by tourists in Rome. As we know, even Colosseum is also put in the World’s Seven Wonders. Finish built in 80 AD, Colosseum remains to be the place which can attract people around the world. Back then, this place was used as the arena of gladiator. Now, it leaves a building which keeps a great story inside it.

Trevi Fountain

Have you ever heard about a place which let people throwing coins into fountain? It is Trevi Fountain. If you are seeking for love, you can throw coins into the fountain. Here, this place has become one of the popular places in Rome. If you haven’t known about this, Trevi Fountain was finish built in 1762. Here, the man who designed the fountain was Nicola Salvi. Besides, what makes this fountain amazing is, it has same material as the Colosseum has.

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Vatican City

Who doesn’t know Vatican? Yup, the smallest country in the world, which is located in Rome. Here, there are some historical churches in this country. The famous tourist attractions in Vatican City are St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica. Because the visitors are many, getting tickets to the famous places will take hours. So, to avoid this thing, you can join a tour that ease your trip.

Palatine Hill

You can enjoy your noon at this place. A park and ruins of the ancient Rome, make this place looks awesome. On the other hand, Palatine Hill has a story which is related with Roman mythology. There was a wolf who cared twin boys – Remus and Romulus – until rescued by a shepherd. Even though we don’t know whether the story is real or not, at least this place has a beautiful Roman architecture.

Baths of Caracalla

As its name, this place has public baths that give a different atmosphere. Of course, it has Roman architecture. Besides, there are other facilities like gardens, saunas, gym and sport facilites. You don’t need to be worried about the capacity, because Baths of Caracalla can accommodate up to 1500 persons. Lastly, this one of places to visit in rome provide hot and cold baths.

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