The Vacation Guide: Best Place to Vacation in Costa Rica

The Vacation Guide: Best Place to Vacation in Costa Rica

Best place to vacation in Costar Rica offers you lots of interesting places like splendid coastline and ethereal cloud forests. The list is down below.

Arenal Volcano

If you are into adrenaline-punching activity then this place must be visited during your vacation in Costa Rica. The most popular activities among tourists are such as white water rafting, rappelling, and zip lining. Still, there are also other interesting activities to accommodate your adrenaline like Sky Limit and Gravity Falls.

Arenal is simply a place to push your limit. And after you are done with those adrenaline-pumping activities then you can chill at the hot springs. Most hotels in this area offer their own hot spring. So, you can stay in your hotel in the evening after the exciting day.

Manuel Antonio

The next best place to vacation in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio. The location is near the Arenal. It offers beautiful sceneries of beaches, estuaries, mangroves, and also the national park. Again, this place is a good option for you who love nature and chilling in it.

The rainforest in the national park will allow the tourists to learn about it along with the creatures in it. There are several accommodations near the forest and sometimes you can spot a few of wildlife from your place!

Tamarindo Beach

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This place is really ideal for beach lovers, scuba divers, and of course the surfers. The beach has lots of things to offer. Besides learning to surf, you can also do other water activities like diving, rafting, sailing, kayaking, and even seasonal fishing. Other favorite activities are such as zip lining, horseback riding, and ATV driving with a lot more activities.

Once you have done with your day activity then you can chill out with a cocktail or two while watching the sun goes down. Tamarindo Beach is also the place when the nightlife is really fun. So, you better save your energy for the night!

Conchal Beach

We can say that this beach is rally special and unique. The water is clear like crystal in blue shade. The water is very calm and the sand is white. You may find several luxury places to crash right near the beach. If you visit Costa Rica then this beach should be on your list.

The beach is ideal for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers. So, you really do not want to miss this best place to vacation in Costa Rica.