Things To Do in Alexandria LA, A Historic Tour

Things to do in Alexandria LA are the keys for awesome holidays. Just across the Red River, there the Heart of Louisiana is located. This place is a diverse cultures’ central hub with annual Mardi Gras event and Cajun Bonhomie. Most tourists get on boat tours to explore the history of Louisiana with river’s significance. And, there are more things to explore and do in this beautiful historic city.

Alexandria Holocaust Memorial

Not only in German, Alexandria is also a home to another Holocaust Memorial to commemorate 6 millions of Jews, non Jewish victims and also more than one million of children. This memorial acknowledges the rescuers and resisters’ brave attempts during this tragic memory. It is 18 feet high and a place for visitor t visit and pay their respect.

Frogmore Cotton Plantation and Gins

Move away from Alexandria a bit to a location named Frogmore that takes an hour drive from Alexandria. This used to be a Cotton Plantation and Gin before now it becomes the historical working gin and cotton plantation. In this place, tourists take a tour to listen to the slaves’ lifestyle, see the furnished slave cabins and learn the complete Civil War history. In this historic place, visitors will be able to learn histories they do not read in the book.

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T.R.E.E House Children Museum

Your children will love visiting this gorgeous T.R.E.E house children museum. A place to inspire children through witnessing the child’s imagination in a 3D style. The concept of this place allows it to not only be a museum but also a fantastic watchful learning environment. The children will be kept engaged with so many fun exhibits and activities. Being an entertaining, safe and lively haven for children, it becomes a place for children that they are willing to come back another time.

Kent Plantation

It is not Kent as if in Clark Kent, but a real Kent in Alexandria that is known to be a plantation. This historic plantation was built in 1800s and has now become the Louisiana’s oldest building structure that still stands strong and firm. It is a French Creole descent. When visiting this plantation, you should be ready for doing a tour of the grounds and house including the artifact room, stranger room, master bedroom and many other rooms. Meanwhile, the tour to the grounds includes visiting the cemetery, slave cabins and open heart kitchen. This historic house is embodiment of mixed cultures of American, Spanish and French. This plantation shall finish your list of things to do in Alexandria LA.


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