Things To Do in Galveston Texas for Awesome Summer Holiday


Things to do in Galveston Texas are must when you are now in Texas and heading to Galveston. When your hear of this place, you certainly imagine of a place for a perfect summer holiday with sunny days, breezing winds, beaches and lots of water activities. Well, you are totally right. But despite being a popular summer holiday spot, this place is also a home to rich historic of old town with Southern charm. You can easily spot the fantastic Victorian architecture and join endless festivals. There are so many outdoor adventures as well for you to challenge your guts.

Take Port Bolivar – Galveston Ferry

The first thing on your list should be taking the Port Bolivar – Galveston ferry. Before 1929, this ferry was the only way to get to Galveston. Compared to taking flights, the ferry does take longer time but it is a historic means of transportation in a ferry that is full of historic charms. Today, every year the ferry takes 8 millions of travelers and more. One ferry vessel operates 24/7 and there are also 6 other ferries that can be operated in need like in the peak season.

Seawall Urban Park

A great place to start your holiday in Galveston, the Seawall Urban Park offers beach side entertainment, longest continuous sidewalk, beach side attraction and so many beautiful resorts and restaurants. It is definitely among the top attractions in Galveston. Visitors can sunbathe, splash in the water, go for a jog or walk or just lay down on the sand and enjoy the sunny days. Move away from the water, there are many souvenirs shops rand fresh seafood restaurant. Or, enter the Pleasure Pier amusement park for rollercoaster and many other exciting attractions.

1877 Tall Ship Elissa

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Galveston is definitely a place full of history including with the existence of Elissa the 1877 Tall Ship. ELISSA is known as the oldest sailing hulls in the world that is still in operation. This three-mast sailing vessel is home in Galveston and was first launched in 1877 from Scotland. Visitors can get on the ship and explore the deck while imagining about themselves being the daring sailors. On the ship, there is also a theater and museum to let the visitors gain information and understanding regarding the history of ELISSA.

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark

Don’t forget visiting the waterpark and engaged in many exciting water activities among the things to do in Galveston Texas. This waterpark is built on over 26 acres with numerous spectacular adventures for both kids and adults. In the winter, it transforms into indoor park to stay operate all year around.