Things to Do in Katy TX

Katy is a city located in Texas, United States. The city has hot weather in the summer. While the winter weather can be very cold. The city has an area of 11.30 sq. mi with a population of 16,158 inhabitants. Katy is led by a Major in its government system. The city is directly adjacent to Fort Bend, Waller and Harris. This city is not as famous as New York, Washington DC or Las Vegas. However, Katy has its own charm with its simplicity and uniqueness. You can prove it when you visit Katy. Here below you will get more information about things to do in Katy TX.

  1. Mary Jo Peckham Park

This place is a park built for the general public. You will find many things to do at Mary Jo Peckham Park. You can come here with your family and find lots of things that can be done according to your interests and age. You can find places to play basketball, playground, barbecues, and more. This place is located at 5597 Gardenia Ln, Katy TX. The park is open from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM. As we know that Katy is filled with a lot of recreational places that are very fun and interesting to visit.

  1. Katy Mills
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Katy Mills is a great place to shop. This place is located at 5000 Katy Mills Cir, Katy, TX. There are many outlets available here and you can customize it with your choice. When you come on weekend then you will find this place is very crowded, while at weekdays this place quieter. This indoor shopping mall is home to over 175 stores. For those of you who like to shop, then Katy Mills is a paradise for you.

  1. Typhoon Texas

Typhon Texas is a water park and amusement park. This place is located at 555 Fort Bend Rd, Katy, TX. This place is perfect for you to go on vacation with family. You can enjoy time together with your family and try various rides of water game that is very interesting. If you visit this place than 3 hours still not enough because this place is very comfortable for everyone.

Based on the text above, now you already know more information about things to do in Katy TX. Katy will be a great city to visit on your holiday with low-medium budget you will get amazing experience here. Some of the places mentioned above are just a fraction of Katy. You can explore and discover more in Katy. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your ticket to visit Katy on your holiday!

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