Things to Do In Monterey California by Watching Sea Animals

Things to do in Monterey California are enjoying the beauty of the city and the cute sea animals. If you visit with your child, then this is the right moment to introduce marine life to your child. Your child will feel good when visiting a city filled with the aquarium. It’s also a place for honeymoon for couples. You definitely will not be bored to enjoy the beauty in this city.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

An aquarium is a favorite place for children. Everyone loves this place. Monterey Bay provides marine life outside the city windows. This aquarium has a swimming pool and sea otters. You can watch special exhibits in this aquarium. You should check the visitor guide provided by Monterey Bay. Maybe you do not have enough time to surround all the places in this aquarium.

Cannery Row

This is the boundary of the past and the present. You will see an old canning building next to a luxury hotel. The building still has equipment for processing sardines. The equipment is rusty but this is a unique thing of the building. Perhaps the area sounds unattractive but you should see the charm of this region. You will surely feel curious and visit this region. You should see a guide before visiting the building.

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California Sea Lions

You can see the sea lions on a busy day. Everyone wants to see this uniqueness when visiting Monterey. You will see sea lions lounging on the rocks. You will enjoy sea lions swimming in the beach. Sea lions have beds of seaweed. Maybe you will hear the distinctive and loud voice of the sea lion. Sea lions are animals that live in groups. You will not find only one sea lion but this animal will back together. Sea lions look cute and small from a distance but adult sea lions can weigh up to 850 pounds. This sea lions length can reach 7 feet. Female sea lions have a smaller weight than males. The weight of the female sea lion is 220 pounds. The child of the sea lion will be born in the summer.

Sea Otters

Sea Otters became the most captivating marine animal in California. This animal is already on the verge of extinction and you will be surprised to see this animal relaxing on the coast of California. Sea Otters will wrap the body with kelp leaves so sea otters will not float. Sea otters will find food on the beach. This animal can eat seashells. That’s the amazing thing from things to do in Monterey California.

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