Things to Do in Okinawa through Your First Visit

Okinawa is Japan’s region consists of over than 150 islands and located in East China Sea. With its group of islands, Okinawa has become favourite escape destinations not only for Japanese but also for foreign tourists. It is not surprising because there will be many things to do in Okinawa that will give you amazing holiday experience you will never get from other places. The foods, culture, and nature, make Okinawa as secluded place with various attractions that you will never regret to visit. During your first visit in this place, there are many interesting place which that you need to put into the destination list.

Scuba diving in Toilet Bowl

There is a perched atop located in the western part of Okinawa Island and it is usually called as Cape Manza or Manzamo. This area faces the wide South China Sea. The field in Cape Manza is expected to be able to cover about 10,000 people. The cliff top also looks grassy giving fresh and contrast look to the blue sea in front. This stunning natural view is even more complete with a famous dive spot which often called as The Toilet Bowl. People use this unique name because the coast has strange shape. Even you are not considered as water sport lovers, trying scuba diving in this place will give you memorable story to tell to family or friends.

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Tasting snake sake

If you have enough visiting tourism places in Okinawa, then exploring the culinary will be become challenging things to do in Okinawa. It is because Okinawa has a lot of tasteful foods to try and some of them are truly peculiar so you will never them in other places. While in other places you will find snake as pet, in this place you can consume them. Different with other foods containing snake, Okinawa is well-known with its beverage called Habushu. It is a snake-infused cake which is believed by a number of people to get the snake’s strength after drinking it. Whether you are snake lover or sake lover, habushu must try!

Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms

Located in the most southern part of Japan makes Okinawa becomes the first area which welcomes spring. During this season, precisely in January, there will be Sakura Festival. Cherry blossoms which can be found in Okinawa are different with white and pale pink commonly seen in Japanese mainland. The ones found in Okinawa has bright pink colour since it belongs to Yaezakura variety. There is also flower event celebrations called Hanami where visitors can dress up in costume while and watching traditional drum performance. Enjoying both the cherry blossoms and festival will be unforgettable things to do in Okinawa.

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