Things to Do in Reno NV You Should Never Miss

Reno is often forgotten when people looking for casinos destination in Las Vegas. However, this city actually has many attractions which every traveller should not miss. Besides its bright lights of casino, there a lot of fun things to do in Reno NV since packed of tourism places are available here. Museums, galleries, and natural views in Reno are waiting to be visited. Even though this city is well-known with its metropolitan city life, finding secluded place for enjoying time far from busy daily activities also can be done. Here, several recommended places to visit when you are staying for few days in Reno.

Sightseeing at iconic Lake Tahoe

Located between Nevada and California which takes around 40 miles from the city of Reno, Lake Tahoe is recognized to be one of the wonderful places can be found in United States. No surprising if many people pack across the globe pack this place to enjoy the beautiful view of blue lake water which surrounded by magnificent mountains. Not far from this lake, there are also beaches where you are able to sightsee around with boat or fishing. Hiking trails are available for you who want to get some sweats. Basically, Lake Tahoe is the place you should never skip when visiting city of Reno.

Looking car collections in National Automobile Museum

Although you are not car fans, visiting National Automobile Museum can be one of great things to do in Reno NV. This museum has over than 200 vehicles starting from traditional type like horse carriage to the modern cars used by celebrities. The majority of cars displayed in this museum belong to Bill Harrah which was famous as one of casino gaming pioneers in Nevada. Hence, many people often said the museum as Harrah Collection. A car which used by Thomas Flyer to win the world race and another piece used by James Dean in his popular film are the examples of collections which can be found in this museum as well.

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Watching Reno Balloon Race

A great balloon race is usually held in Rancho Rafael Regional Park every September. This event is often held in three days when over than 120.000 spectators fill the park to see thousands of hot air balloon with bright colours start to pack northern Nevada sky. In this large event, each balloon pilot compete with others pilot to race the balloon. The fastest balloon that reaches Truckee Meadows will become the winner. The race starts early at 6:45 on first day and finishes when the sun sets on the first day. Watching this great balloon race also becomes interesting things to do in Reno NV.