Things to Know for Traveling to Japan for the First Time

Things to Know for Traveling to Japan for the First Time

Traveling to Japan for the first time will make you feel tense. This is the first trip to the beautiful land of Sakura. Here are tips for you.

Take International Flight

If your money is sufficient to take an international flight, then you should take that step because the international airlines have satisfactory services for the passengers. Maybe you have to travel for several hours so you should get convenient service. You can ride Uniter Airlines or All Nippon Airways that provides television with views in Japan, movie series, and so on. You will get a spacious chair with a comfortable footrest for you.

Get the JR Pass

If you want to leave Tokyo, then you must have a Japan Rail Pass. This is a card for foreigners at a price of $ 250 so you can access all railroads in the country for 7 days. You can ride a high-speed train or refer to as a shinkansen.

Bring Cash

You should carry a lot of cash so you do not have to pay fees for international transactions. You can use the card in certain places. You also have to bring a coin purse to buy souvenirs in small stores in this country.

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Buy at Supermarkets

Supermarkets are the best place to buy food and shopping. Shops in Japan have clean toilets with state-of-the-art technology. The toilet uses warm water. You can buy food and enjoy the food at the supermarket. The shop also has friendly staff. You can buy cheap food at a supermarket.

Learning Japanese

You should learn Japanese before visiting this country. You can learn common phrases to ask for places, prices, and more. This will be useful to you. Few people speak English in Japan. The Japanese population cannot speak English clearly so you have to face it. You can bring an electronic dictionary to help you.

Bring Hand Sanitizers and Plastic Bags

There are two things that can bother you in Japan. First is the amount of soap dispensers that are few in public toilets. You should bring a hand sanitizer to clean your hands after going to the toilet. The second thing is you only find a little trash can in the public space. This is because the government wants to reduce acts of terrorism. Terrorists put the explosives in the trash in 1995.

You must bring a plastic bag to keep your trash. You should also check for wifi connectivity when you visit remote places so you do not get lost. That’s the tips for traveling to Japan for the first time.

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