Things to Do in Ventura County for Unforgettable Holiday

In some things, Ventura County still looks like a small town with historic buildings and wooden pier. But, it has an amazing environment. It attracts you to take things to do in Ventura County. It offers some fun activities to do in some tourism objects. Even, you may enjoy your unforgettable holiday with low cost. Let’s do the following activities in Ventura County.

Exploring Unique Venture Pier and Promenade

The first tourism object to visit is Venture Pier and Promenade. You can visit it freely. Venture Pier was built in 1872. You can watch sunset in this place or spending your time for fishing. Furthermore, you can do the other activities like walking, running, jogging, or biking the promenade. The Channel Islands are only offshore. The parking of this place is about $2 in the nearest spot. There is an annual culinary usually held on October.

Visiting Ventura Botanical Gardens

What are things to do in Ventura County? You may have a visit to Ventura Botanical Gardens. This is freely visited and easily reached. It spreads out along a path directing to the hill. You can see the amazing sea sight and view. Even, you will find interesting spots to explore and sit on the park benches to enjoy the nature beauty of the botanical garden. You may take a dog with you to admire the beauty of Ventura Botanical Garden.

Going to the Beach in Oxnard

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You can explore the beauty of beaches in Ventura. You may go to beach in Oxnard to prove it. Park your bike or vehicle in the parking area and start your amazing day there. Try to enjoy freely in a beautiful view of Silver Strand Beach. In this beach, you can do some watersports including surfing, fishing, and kayaking. Meanwhile, you can choose Mandalay Beach Park or Hollywood Beach. Those are the favorite beaches of celebrities to spend time.

Visiting the Channel Islands National Park

The last thing to do is visiting the Channel Islands National Park. You can gather useful information there. You will learn a number of the wild islands in Venture County and see the exhibit and also displays of a short movie entitled A Treasure in The Sea. You will find a bookstore opened daily and free for visitors. If you get interested for camping, you can use this national park area for that activity. Are those things to do in Ventura County enjoyable? Try it all soon.