Three Best Vacation Spots in Costa Rica

Three Best Vacation Spots in Costa Rica

There are three best vacation spots in Costa Rica that you can visit. You can visit some places based of you interest such as mountains, animals, surfing, fishing, nightlife and some other things. Here you can get information about three places to go in Costa Rica that will give you more experience and will make you want to come back to this place.

Visit Poas Volcano National Park

For all of you to like to see mountains from the near place then you can visit Poas Volcano. It is Costa Rica’s National Park. It is one of the most interesting places to visit by so many tourists who come to Costa Rica. This place consists of hike. You can enjoy coffee tour too here. When you come to this place, you should not forget to visit La Paz. It is the best waterfall that you can find in Costa Rica.

Paradise for Surfer

How about you who like to find best place for surfing? Tamarindo is the right answer for all of you who like to enjoy amazing surfing experience. There are some surfing packages that offered to you and you don’t need to worry because you can choose your guide to accompany you. It is not only a good place for pro surfer but for beginner too.  In order to enjoy surfing, you need to choose right season to come. You will not only enjoy surfing but enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise from the beach.

Paradise for Honeymoon Holiday

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How about you who want to find best vacation spots in costa rica to holiday with your husband or wife? You can come to Papagayo Penninsula. This place is well known with some luxurious resorts near the white sand beach. There are some 5 stars hotels that you can choose. You can enjoy diving spots with amazing views under water. For all of you who like to play golf, there is great place to relax and play golf too.

It is not difficult to reach this place. You can go to Santamaria international airport and you need to continue road trip for about 4 hours.  Before you trip to Costa Rica, please make sure that you prepare all things. You better find information about best time to visit Costa Rica. You can also save more money by visiting some best place and stay in the low price hotels. Costa Rica will make you enjoy your holiday that suitable with your budget too. You will find paradise in three best vacation spots in costa rica.