Three Nicest Places in the World Based on Forbes

Three Nicest Places in the World Based on Forbes

Nicest places in the world can make you feel like you are in paradise.  All people like to visit the beautiful places in the world and here, you can find three best places in the world that offered or recommended for you based on Forbes Magazine.


Some people visit new place because they like to enjoy new place with new atmosphere. Some people who are busy with their job want to feel relax after they do their holiday. Now, you can choose one of the nicest places in the world that will make you feel better after you visit the place.


Hawaii as Warmest Places


For all of you who like warm place with beautiful tropical place you can choose to visit Hawaii. Hawaii is well known as one of favorite holiday destinations in the world. Each year, there are so many people from so many countries come to Hawaii. Hawaii offers you tropical paradise. You can stay and feel the freshness of tropical forest after your wake up in the morning.


For you who are looking for friendly citizen, Hawaii will really make you want to stay for longer time. There are some activities to do too in Hawaii such as diving, biking, swimming and do some other activities.

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Singapore for Shopping Paradise


One of some nicest places in the world that you must visit is Singapore. It is small country in Asia but most people have a dream to come this country every time. Singapore offers you all things that you want. You can enjoy some outdoor activities or choosing to do extreme challenge above the Marina Bay. It is good place for all of you who want to enjoy nightlife.


One of some reasons why people come to Singapore is because Singapore offers you shopping paradise. Most women from all countries in the world come to Singapore to get what they want with special price. For you who want to enjoy shopping all items with low price, you need to come two weeks before Chinese New Year celebration.


Bali as Calm Island


The last nice place to go is Bali. Bali is one of islands in Indonesia. Bali is well known with friendly citizen, beautiful scenery of sunset and sunrise and of course it is best island for all professional surfers in the world. You need to come in the right month to enjoy best wave in some surfing spots in Bali. You can find five stars hotel or motel to stay based on your budget.

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It is great to enjoy nightlife in some best spots in Bali. You should not miss to enjoy dinner in the Jimbaran. Now, it is time for you to visit one or more that one of nicest places in the world.


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