Today’s Traveller’s Tales: Things to Do in Pasadena Today

If you are looking for things to do in Pasadena today, then you have come to the right article, my friends. I am here, as a good Samaritan, to help you find the best places to visit in Pasadena (in this age, of course. I am not going to list places that you can only visit in the 1500’s if it is not obvious).

Pasadena is a city in the state of California, and as you may have known, California is a state that is brimming with places to go. Pasadena, seeing that it is a city in California, should have such places, right? You are right. There are lots of places to visit in Pasadena, and this article here will give you the names of those places.

Without further ado, let us start with the first place to visit:

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the space nerds

If you are a space nerd, then you should not worry about the things to do in Pasadena today because Pasadena has its very own jet propulsion laboratory. This place is like a space lovers’ wet dream without the wet pants and beds. Your eyes will be treated with great many space objects that astronauts use in their research, and you can even see scientists trot around the area like they have discovered a brand new species of alien that inhabits the universe (it is a spectacle of its own you know. There is nothing better than watching nerds geeking out over matters).

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Because this place is a workplace for space nerds, you can be sure that there will not be lots of activities to do in this place aside from the sightseeing. You need to make some reservations as well, so do that before you go.

The Eaton Canyon

This particular place shares its name with a famous bakery and restaurant near my place, but that does not mean this canyon sells cakes.

Instead of cakes, you will be treated with a view so breath taking that you feel like you are going to die of asphyxia (this is a hyperbole). In here, you can witness a beautiful waterfall and you can enjoy the wilderness that this place has to offer. This place is a favorite local tourist spot, so you may see lots of norms in here. Do not expect something weird to happen in this place because this place is your ordinary canyon (but all canyons are a cool place to visit), and bring a bug spray if you want to visit this place. The bugs are relentless in their assault, and you need to be able to counter them.

Pasadena Museum of California Art

I have listed a place for nerds, I have listed a place for nature lovers, and because I need to be fair, I listed this place as well. If you are an art connoisseur, then you will be glad I have not forgotten to put this here. In here, you can see all kinds of Californian Art in exhibition (not that I know much of Californian art, but for those of you who do know about it, then go visit this place). This is one of the things to do in Pasadena today, so be sure to check it.

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