Top 10 Amazing Places in The World Making You Amazed

Top 10 Amazing Places in The World Making You Amazed

Top 10 amazing places in the world can be a good list of itinerary. The amazing places can inspire you to travel and explore it. The places are extraordinary combining nature beauty and magnificent views making you amazed.

Cappadocia, Turkey

It is a historical area in Central Anatolia. You can see giant moon with an amazing cave background. One main thing in this place is seeing attractions of air balloon offering a marvelous view from different views.

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italia

It is a restaurant located in Polignano Cave, Mare City. The decorative lamps are so romantic and nice. In addition, exotic cave atmosphere adds it so that it becomes a relaxing place to eat. The beauty of this restaurant is very popular in the world making it called to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world.

Melissani Cave, Greek

Swimming in mystical cave in Greek makes you feel different sensation in which sunlight looks from the amazing sky. The sunlight shines blue and calm water under it. It becomes a dream come true when you go to one of top 10 amazing places in the world.

The Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

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It is a stone wall located in the oldest area in Segovia, Spain. The shape looks like a ship making this castle being the most typical castle in Europe. You must come to explore this place.

Chichilianne, France

Do you like high? You should visit this city. It is an amazing city on the top of 7000 feet. Mont Aiguille and great scenery from Prealps France located in Alpen Mount becomes its background that can be enjoyed when you open your eyes at morning.

Albarracin, Spain  

How do you feel if you move to the middle century? You will feel it when you visit Albarracin, a small city in Spain. It is a small tourism village located on 3.878 feet above the sea. It is not touched by modernization. It becomes the most beautiful village in Spain.


It is a city growing near to sand dessert oase. This city is real in Peruvian Dessert called Huacachina. Visiting to this place will be unforgettable moment in your life.

Mount Ai Petri, Ukraine

Do you want to see night view of Crimea from the bridge? You can go to Ukraine and visit Mount Ai – Petri. You can see Crimea from the bridge with 3 – km route. You cannot refuse the beauty of Crimea nature.

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Le Mont Saint Michel, France

When you see it first time, it reminds you the old war movies. It is a small city turned around walls and giant castles. There are 44 people living in Le Mont Saint Michel. It is a main tourism destination when you go to France.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Have you ever seen a fairytale village? If you never see it, you should go to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Wide savana under the feet of Alpen Mount can be seen in this village. Moreover, you can see 72 waterfalls. This village is suitable for the tourists and travelers loving loneliness. It becomes the last list of top 10 amazing places in the world.