Top 5 Best Places to Go in New Zealand for Holiday

Top 5 Best Places to Go in New Zealand for Holiday

Do you have a plan to visit New Zealand in the near future? If yes, this is good. Make sure also to enjoy some great tourism spots offered here. So, what are the best places to go in New Zealand you should not miss out? Some of them are mentioned here.

Fiordland National Park

Even New Zealand people claim that this national park is the most dramatic place in this country. The area has glaciers naturally carved since more than 100 thousand years ago. There are many ways to access Fiordland  National Park. Some of them are by using tourism aircraft to see the landscape from the height and cruise ship if you want to see them closer.


Do you remember the Hobbit houses in ‘Lord of the Ring’ film series? Yes, the houses are really built up in this near world. To visit the houses, you only need to go to the Shire, Matama in North Island, New Zealand. Not only are the houses the same, even the hills and mountains in Hobbiton area are very similar to what are in the films.

Pukaki Lake

The lake has light milky blue water color just like in the painting. This is the reason why Pukaki Lake is more special even compared by any other lakes in this world. More than that, it is also surrounded by adorable scenery; it is the top of Cook Mountain that is covered by the snow. Then, there are also green forestry near the lake produces more scenic color combination.

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Pohutu Geyser

Pohutu Geyser is another unique object naturally available in New Zealand. It is basically a source of spring water but then the water is able to burst out for more than 30 meters in height. Aside from that, it is getting more unique for the fact that the water of river under the geyser is cold even just like the water in the winter. Being added by beautiful landscape around, it is reasonable if you must visit this place when you are in this country.

Bay of Islands

For the beach lovers, this is the best place for you. Bay of Islands consists of more than 144 islands lined up neatly. Sure, there are many bays and other coastal areas where you can simply swim, dive or sunbath. Particularly if you like diving, make sure to enjoy the beauty of Bay of Islands under the sea.