Top 5 Places to Visit in Paris

Top 5 Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is the most popular city in France, and it offers so many beauties and magnificent charms for everyone who stops by. With so many interesting places to visit, which one should be included in the top 5 of the places to visit in Paris? Here are the places that should become your priority.

Eiffel Tower

You have not been considered to be in Paris if you have not visited this iconic tower of the City of Lights. Almost everyone who has ever been in Paris took a picture of this beauty. Built by Gustav Eiffel in 1889. This 1066-foot tower became the tallest building in that era, at least until 1930. The best time to see this tower is in the evening or at night, when the lights emphasize its beauty.

Notre Dame de Paris

Besides Eiffel Tower, this cathedral has been also considered as the symbol of Paris for a long time, especially before the tower was built. It was also the place where the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte was held. If you are interested to visit this cathedral, please do come between 7.45 am up to 6.45 pm. This Notre Dame Cathedral is always open every day for its visitors.

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Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is a place where many historical artworks are kept and exhibited. The artworks are mostly from the Roman period and Ancient Egypt. There are also many classic works, including the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. With all of these classic collections, no wonder that Louvre Museum is considered as the symbol of France history. Except Tuesday, you can visit the museum everyday between 9 am to 6 pm.

Arc de Triomphe

We have discussed about the symbol of France and also the symbol of France history. Now, it’s time to see another symbol, that is the symbol of France power. Arc de Triomphe was built by Napoleon Bonaparte as the commemoration of their victory in the 1806 Austerlitz Battle that took place in the first world war.

The Grands Magasins

The next spot which is included in the top 5 of places to visit in Paris is the Grands Magasins. This place is actually a gigantic department store, which is also considered as a monument. It was the first shopping centre in Europe, where shopaholics will love to spend their time looking for many items from famous brands. Anything you want to purchase like perfume, clothes, jewelry, and shoes are available in this department store. Not only does the department store sell high quality items, but it also offers you a high quality architecture that will impress you as soon as you see it.

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