Top All Inclusive Trips to Costa Rica

Top All Inclusive Trips to Costa Rica

All inclusive trips to Costa Rica may take a week or more. Here is a trip from Caravan Tours.

Day 1

The first day you will visit the beautiful beaches of San Jose. This is a land of democracy with natural beauty that you cannot find anywhere else. The naturalist guide will provide an opportunity to see exotic animals and birds. You will walk in the forest and see wildlife. You can soak in the hot springs in the forest.

The volcano is a sight that can steal your attention in the forest. You will be picked up by caravan from the international airport and stay for two nights at the hotel.

Day 2

The next visit is Poas Volcano. This is a cloud forest from the active crater of the volcano. You will climb the Esclonia Trail to see hummingbirds, ferns, and orchids. Cloud forest is like the rainforest with low humidity and little rain. The caravan will pass the famous coffee plantation area in the region.

You can follow the tour guide to see the coffee plantation and have lunch with a delicious meal. The coffee garden keeps a beautiful and rare place. The place is a butterfly garden. If you want to buy something, then you will find something beautiful in the famous Sarchi craftsman town in Costa Rica.

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Day 3

The next day will not make you bored because you’ve chosen all-inclusive trips to Costa Rica. You will visit Central Park. This is a rescue center for wildlife. The injured animal will be rehabilitated in this place and released into the wild. You will stop at Fortuna to rest for two nights.

Day 4

Maybe this is the waiting time to make your body fresh because you will visit hot springs. You will pass the orange, pineapple, teak, and sugarcane plantations. You will go to another gate to see migratory birds located in Cano Negro. Other animals you can see in this area are ducks, black turtles, blue herons, and so forth.

You can also meet the water lizards that run on the edge of the park, green iguanas, monkeys, and so forth. You will return to the inn in the afternoon to soak in the hot springs. The next activity is to enjoy a delicious dinner at the inn.

Day 5

You must visit the magnificent suspension bridge. This bridge will connect you with the unique Lake Arenal. Guests will visit the Leatherback Turtle National Park. You can see the largest endangered marine reptile in this place. There are still other days to follow this journey.

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