Top Places To Visit In Costa Rica For New Visitors

Top Places To Visit In Costa Rica For New Visitors

If you are dreaming of easy, legendary and top places to visit in Costa Rica, you should notice what the last article will tell you about. You can visit endless tourism experience such as beaches, surfs, and hike or wildlife exploration.

Costa Rica has been one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. And here some of their best and most beautiful places you would love to visit.

Santa Elena & Monteverde

These are nearby towns which will serve you best cloud forest view. They are also claimed as the origin of the ecotourism drive of the country. You can do high altitudes trekking, searching and exploring rare dazzling quetzals. And you can enjoy the feel of walking across the continental split.

If you wish you can go there but still anxious or afraid of the security or safety, you can be ensured by the highest and safest safety they have. When you walk across the bridge, it has all safe and strong wire that you will walk confidently and enjoyably.

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Nothing can beat the best scenery of the combination of beach, white sand and high trees. You will see a surviving landmark of Costa Rica. Actually, this place has faced a lot of eruptions. But this area survived with all of impressive heritage sites.

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It has beautiful blue water and is surrounded by forests. You can do sunbathing, surfing, swimming or just walking by the beach. But you should ask for the tour guide about the place to rest whenever you want to stay a night there.

By the way, you can also enjoy the natural hot springs there. Here you will see monkeys around the forest canopy. They are bounding and hanging around the trees.

Central Valley Thrills

It is also one of the top places to visit in Costa Rica. If you are bored or tired enough to explore far places like beaches or mountains, you might want to visit this town. It is a small town of Turrialba. It might be difficult to find in the map. But once you arrive in Costa Rica, the locals will guide you there.

Its surrounding areas have more famous stories such as the white – water rafting experience in Central America. It is even claimed as the most intense one.

You can also try the fierce paddling which will burn your adrenaline. Or if you just want to relax, you can just hang out at the Café in Barva called Britt Finca to drink the best caffeine in Costa Rica.

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