Top Places To Visit In New Zealand Of Your Dreams

Top Places To Visit In New Zealand Of Your Dreams

Most people will love to think New Zealand like a Switzerland near Asia. It is because it has top places to visit in New Zealand. And the weather is just beautiful.

If you are new travelers, you might want something interesting to do in those places. So, here are some suggestions.


If you want to take rest for a while after your busy days, you can stay and enjoy the holidays in Auckland called Beach Home. It has become one of the most wanted by the vacationers. You can do walking side by the beach or just watching the natural sunrises and sunsets with romantic atmosphere. It is very quiet so it might suit to your wish to calm your mind and soul.

Milford Sound

If you want to enjoy the coastal view, you can go here where the location is just perfect. It takes place at the most accessible end of the Fiordland the National Park. It is at the most northern part. You can see the magnificent tops and very dark blue beach water.

You can enjoy the beach and surroundings. But if you want something else, you can go for the Mildford track as it is claimed for its most famous hiking trail.

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Franz Josef Glacier

It is located around the National Park Westland. Its glacier considered as one of the most accessible trips you can have. If you are confuse how you can get there, there are 2 options. First, you can go by using helicopter to see the magnificent view of the mountains, rainforest and glacier from above.

Second, you can go by walking right by foot to the massive glacier which will give you unforgettable moment once in your life.


It is always said to be in the tourist’ must – visit list in New Zealand. It is famously known as a thermal wonderland since 1880. You can see geysers, mud pools, thermal springs and other famous sites for the tourists.

You might hear about the Wai – O – Tapu there. It is one of other incredible hot springs in New Zealand. It has colorful look and the smell of the sulphur that satisfy you.

Tongariro National Park

Going to the national park is one of the top places to visit in New Zealand. It will give you unexpected surprising moments. It has high diversity of the ecosystems. You can see the active volcanoes, desert – like uplands, tranquil lakes, untamed forest and a famous hiking track called Alphine Crossing.

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