Top Places To Visit In Rome You Must See

Top Places To Visit In Rome You Must See

Rome is always on the first list of everybody’s holiday wish lists. The first ultimate reason is because they can satisfy their minds, souls and bodies there. With lots of romantic and beautiful ancient’s tourists’ sites, relaxing and calming locals and the best food in the world, Rome becomes unbeatable tourists’ sites.

The places here are the most common sites you probably often see. But they are still the high requested as the top places to visit in Rome. So, let’s take a look.

The Arch of Constantine & The Colosseum

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, so Rome has these two beautiful heritages. The Flavian Amphitheatre still attracts vacationers to see. It always be the must – see tour for the tourists.

It is old building but the history still remains the same. Visitors get stunned by the high IQ of ancient Romans who built this building. Sometimes, this building still be used for modern activities.

Trevi Fountain

Another place you must visit is the Trevi Fountain. It is very well – known because of its romantic tale story. If you throw a coin there, it means that you will return there someday. Besides the legend story of this fountain, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful art masterpieces there.

The building and the sculptures are just perfect and romantic for you to enjoy. The story behind this Trevi is about the sea god, Neptune and its horses, shells and tritons.

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The water will swirl around the artificial rocks and figures and submits in huge basin which always be filled with coins.

The Spanish Steps and Centro Storico

It is also the top places to visit in Rome. It is claimed as the historic center where numerous art buildings were built.

When you are in this area, you will see lots of small alleys that you probably cannot find the street names in the maps. But you can just explore the ancient roads and you can find various tourist food stall.

You should spend most of your time here because there are lots of restaurants with the best menu in Rome such as Pizzerias.

The Catacombs & Appian Way

It is a burial place underground in the Via Appia Antica. It has many chambers in the soft tufa. This is the largest underground chambers in Rome and dedicated for the martyred saints.

The saints were Achilleus and Nereus which were famous at that time. And there are over 80 painted tombs you can see in the gallery.