Top Places to Visit in Singapore

Top Places to Visit in Singapore

Known as playground for the rich, Singapore is a small city-state that definitely has more than just shopping malls, fine dining and luxury hotels. Deep in the heart and edges of this city state, you’ll find top places to visit in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

The newest and most luxurious resort in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands complex offers not only iconic infinity pool but also hotel, high end shopping malls, Skypark, and the ArtScience Museum. Enjoy innovative double helix bridge from the skypark and taste among the best fine dining options at the high floors.

Singapore Flyer

Another great observation point in Singapore to enjoy the look of the city from up above is at Singapore Flyer which has been claimed as the largest giant observation wheel in the world. Once you bought the ticket package, you will have access to enjoy Journey of Dreams, a multimedia entertainment delving into the history of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

Despite being a small city-state, Singapore also has a beautifully designed green space in Gardens by the Bay. This place is a perfect spot to enjoy and explore vibrant plant life while you escape from city bustle. Don’t miss the futuristic structure, SuperTree Grove with its sustainable functions. And, continue to Cloud Forest Dome with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

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Botanic Gardens

Another beautiful green space in Singapore, Botanic Gardens is a must to visit during your holiday in Singapore. This place preserves wilder heritage of Singapore including various trees, eco-lake, eco-garden, sculptures, bonsai garden and more else. Come to this place if you want to be free for a moment from the concrete jungle.


If you consider yourself a culinary fan, Chinatown is where you should heading next in Singapore. Enjoy the best authentic Chinese food in beautiful small pop-stores along the street. Don’t forget visiting the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and Chinese Heritage centre to learn more about the culture in Singapore.

Changi Chapel and Museum

Changi Chapel and Museum is where you can learn about the history of Singapore and stories of those suffering under the Japanese occupation decades back. With collections of personal effects, photographs, letters and drawings, this museum is worth to visit.

Pulau Ubin

Escape the Singapore’s city bustle and come to Granite Island or Pulau Ubin to enjoy the simple village that Singapore used to have back in the 1960s. This is where you can feel like in most of the Southeast Asian areas.