Top Ten Things to Do in Rome

Top Ten Things to Do in Rome

Planning to visit Rome anytime soon? Make sure to remember these top ten things to do in Rome to make your visit count.

Hang Out in Pantheon

Pantheon is the most famous Rome’s landmark and spending your time there to simply hang out is one of a kind thing to do in Rome. As important historic monument and building, the ruins of Pantheon are whimsical considering its more than 2000 years of history.

Walk Through Roman Forum

Roman Forum is where you can walk through in history. The place with thousands years of historical streets has been one of the main tourist attractions. See the beautiful ruins while imagining its grandeur years ago.

Circle the Colosseum

Now that you have arrived in the Colosseum, make sure to circle in and out. In this most famous monument in Rome, you will see the fascinating look of what used to be the greatest amphitheatre in the Roman era.

Get Tour in Vatican City

Being an independent city-state, Vatican City is a must place to visit. Take a day trip to this city to check out the famous historical buildings like Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica and more else. Even if you’re not Catholic, this tour will blow your mind away.

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Stroll Trastevere Streets

Trastevere neighborhood is a great and cozy place to spend the day. These cobbled streets are where you can find charming local buildings including cafes and restaurants serving very affordable local foods.

Visit Capuchin Crypt

This favorite sight in Rome makes a great place to spend a day. In this place, there are beautiful small chapels that are decorated with 4.000 Capuchin monks. It may be a bit creepy for certain people but definitely is worth a visit.

Eat Like Local Roman

Well, you’re in Rome now so be like one by eating the typical Roman food. Among the most famous Roman dishes are cacio e pepe, deep fried artichokes, spaghetti alla carbonara and the local cheese like pecorino romano.

Visit Trevi Fountain

Despite being very touristy, Trevi Fountain is a must-visit place in Rome to watch the people and crowds. Simply relax and hang out at the corner around the Fountain for a few minutes or hours.

Visit More Churches

Rome is full of beautifully decorated churches so visiting more of them will only make your visit count. Each church also has collections of arts including statues and paintings to enjoy.

Get Into Dei Fiori Markets

This outdoor market is a great place to buy foodstuffs especially the local ones. If you stay in hostel during your visit, buying some groceries in this market is a great thing to do.

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