Top Things to Do in Eau Claire WI

things to do in eau claire wi are varied but before people can consider further about things they can do when in this city, it is better for them to know more about this city so they will be able to enjoy activities which can represent this city the most. This city got its name from the clear water term in French. Heritage can be found from this city because this city was one of the busiest lumber cities which can be found during 1800s. It is also a center of Indian culture as well as agriculture. When people are in this city, they must not miss the opportunity for visiting local museums with heritage collection.

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

If people think that museum will be all about adult thing, they can try to bring their kids along to Children’s Museum of Eau Claire. They will find that the museum can also be super attractive place to go with the kids. This is the place where the kids and adults can find the interactive environment. This museum will inspire not only the imagination but also creativity. This place can also be inspiration of discovery as well as learning for children and grownups. At this place, children of all ages will be able to enjoy the opportunities for learning in non-traditional way. They will be allowed not only to see but also touch, learn, and even grow by visiting this museum.

Eau Claire Regional Arts Center

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Entertainment can be found in various forms and we can make sure that arts can be one of the way people can entertain their selves. It even can be a great way for finding their true selves. In Eau Claire, people will be able to enjoy arts at Eau Claire Regional Arts Center. This is the place where visitors can find the Historic State Theater. It is not just a common theater for sure because it was restored from 1920s theater. This place also becomes the home for Arts Center Gallery which is used for showcasing the artwork of the regional artists. Everything about art can be found at this place because people will also be able to enjoy the music with Chippewa Valley Symphony. This arts center can also be a great place for kids to go because they can find the Easu Claire Children’s Theater and the children will see this place as one of things to do in eau claire wi.