Top Things to Do in Leesburg VA


things to do in leesburg va are offered in great varieties. There is no doubt that people need to find the attraction which is suitable the most to their expectation. Different visitor will have different specification about great place to go during their holiday time. The place to go with kids of course will be different from place where people can visit with their friends. In Leesburg, people can consider about some great attractions which can meet their expectation. Here are the top options which people can consider for their Leesburg vacation.

Leesburg Animal Park

Traveling with kids must be very challenging because the grownups have to make sure that the destination will be suitable the most for the kids’ interest. Leesburg can be a great place to go with kids because this place has Leesburg Animal Park. Every kid will love to see animal but they will be able to do more at Leesburg Animal Park. In this circumstance, they will be able to pet the zoo animal as well. Exotic animals from zebras to lemurs can be found at this animal park but they will also be able to pet the llamas as well as camels. Visitors will also be able to find the indoor play area and also the giant slide.

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Ida Lee Park Recreation Center

Enjoying holiday does not mean that people have to spend a lot of money for admission. They can try to visit Ida Lee Park Recreation Center at Leesburg. At this place, visitors will be able to enjoy the recreation center which can offer fitness center. Besides the fitness center, there are also two indoor pools. This is also a great place for joining classes, racquetball, and also basketball. Everything can be found at this place even has faculties for small kids.


It is sure that Leesburg can offer people with great choice of destination for family with kids. However, grownups can also find more challenging entertainment at Shocktober. This is the place where Halloween vibe can be enjoyed anytime because it has a haunted house concept. Once they enter the room, they will be able to enjoy the elaborate environment which can build the scary feeling of the visitors. The environment is also supported with good actors who are wearing scary costume which looks very real. It can be tiring to enjoy the scaring things but people do not have to worry since they can find food trucks for their food and beverage. This haunted house must be included in the things to do in leesburg va.

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