Travel Guide – What to Do in Singapore for 3 Days

Travel Guide – What to Do in Singapore for 3 Days

What to do in Singapore for 3 days will be a bit tricky if you did not arrange the itinerary at the first place. Besides the attractions, there are still other things about this country.

Marina Bay

Nowadays, this place becomes the spectacular place that shows the luxurious look of travel destination in the miniscule country. Before it becomes this huge, Marina Bay once an entrance to the Singapore River. Along the years, the bay is getting epic transformation.

There are a lot of luxury things you will find in Marina Bay. You can stay at Marina Bay Sands resort since it offers you so many great things to see and do.

Clarke Quay & Riverside Nightlife

If you do not know yet about what to do in Singapore for 3 days then you may consider to visiting Clarke Quay. It offers great nightlife experience. You can stop by at several bars you may find along the road. Do not worry because the night attractions are even better right after the sun goes down.

Clarke Quay is like the heart of entertainment pieces where you can find stores, bars, restaurants, and other recreation outlets.

Universal Studios Singapore

When we talk about entertainment and things in Singapore, it will not be enough if you do not visit this fun place, Universal Studios Singapore. It offers seven sections of theme with a lot of shows and rides related to the movies, the hit ones.

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When you step your feet on the Hollywood Boulevard, you will immediately feel like you are currently in Hollywood and not in some tropical area of Asian country. When you hop on New York then you can snap a photo of you with several stars like Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin.

Gardens by the Bay

If you want to see the futuristic theme in Singapore then you can head to the Gardens by the Bay. It is big and colorful with the futuristic impression. There are famous structures named the Supertree that will offer you a great skywalk to explore the garden.

This place is a great one to spend your afternoon before you leave tomorrow. You can also bring your family if this is your family trip to Singapore. But if you want to explore the whole garden then you really need to set aside a couple of hours for this activity. And this is the end of what to do in Singapore in 3 days.


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