Travelling to Dubai: What to see in Dubai?

Travelling to Dubai: What to see in Dubai?

Some people called Dubai the heaven of the earth or the city of the future, but did you know that not many people know about what to see in Dubai?

There are more to Dubai than places to visit

Dubai has been depicted as what paradise looks like on the face of the earth thanks to its many attractions and beautiful qualities. There are lots of places to visit out there and lots of entertainment to be had when you stepped into the city of Dubai. Not many people, however, know that Dubai’s only attraction is not the places to. While some people see Dubai shallowly by looking at the tourists attraction and the entertainment buildings, there are some who see Dubai as something else.

Pass the attractions, there are lots of things that make Dubai an interesting place to visit. What to see in Dubai that not revolves around tourist attractions and the skyscrapers?

Dubai is the prime example of when tradition meets the future

When the travel brochures advertised Dubai, they advertised the skyscrapers, the lights that enlighten the dark night, and the general grandeur of the metropolis. What they do not show is how Dubai is the perfect picture of when the traditionalist Arabic culture meets the futurist Western culture.

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Although the two cultures may contradict with each other, Dubai shows that you can combine the two to create the perfect holiday land. If you look close past the Western looking things (things like skyscrapers, malls, and whatnots), you can see that there is still a thick Arabian culture on the architecture. Instead of drawing the attention away from those Arabian architecture, Dubai embraced the old and turned those into one of the many point of interests within Dubai.

Dubai also shows how religion does not have to be too restricting

This comes in the form of Jumeirah mosque. Often hailed as the most interesting mosque in Dubai, this mosque shows that religion does not have to be restricting towards the non-believers. While only Muslims are allowed to pray over here (obviously), Non-Muslims are allowed to visit this mosque for a tour, albeit with a guide to guide you. Some people say that the presence of a guide is there to hinder the full exploration of the mosque, but this only shows that the people of Dubai understands that there are certain lines that you cannot cross when it comes to religion. It shows that religion and the future is held on a balanced scale with nothing on top of each other. To be successful in life, one must achieve the balance of what is worldly and the unworldly, and with the presence of Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai has achieved that very balance.

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Although Dubai is the best place on earth to get your dose of worldly entertainment, I hope this can broaden your view regarding what to see in Dubai aside from its grand skyscrapers.