Trip to Paris Cost for Two: Surprisingly Affordable

Trip to Paris Cost for Two: Surprisingly Affordable

Are you planning your next trip to Paris with your loved one? Check out our article about trip to Paris cost for two that may sound surprisingly affordable to you.

How much does it cost to travel to Paris for two?

From collecting the information from our majority travelers, we have concluded our best estimate cost to Paris for two. It costs around $1300 per person excluded with the additional cost. So, in total, you will need at least $2,600 to be able to enjoy Paris for two people. Of course, it all depends on how much money you have spent for the accommodation like hotel and flight ticket.

That amount of money is already including:

  • 5 nights staying in a hotel located in the downtown of Paris
  • Level flight’s coach (it’s better for you to book three months earlier to get the cheapest price)
  • A shuttle to the airport to your hotel (as long as you don’t have checked baggage)

For the price of the flight ticket, we took the average price from five different areas to Paris, France. They are Boston, Washington DC, Cleveland, San Diego, and Seattle. We also have included additional cost around $200 per person you don’t expect like transportation, food, etc.

The price of flight ticket to Paris

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Usually, the largest amount of the money you have to spend during your trip in Paris is in the flight ticket. Getting the wrong date and wrong airlines, may take you in a very expensive price. From the research we have done, the estimate price if you book flight ticket three months earlier from your departure to Paris took around $700 round trip. The price will go up higher if you want the first class seat, check a lot of baggage, or maybe seat in the aisle’s exit.

The price of the hotel in downtown Paris

From our calculation we have made, it took around at least $150 per night if you want to stay in the hotel in downtown Paris. The price also depends on your plan in Paris. We think that you may book more expensive hotel than our example, if you want to be in the more expensive location in Paris.

The price of unexpected accommodation (food, transportation, etc)

In the first, we estimate that you need at least $200 per person to accommodate additional expense especially food. The average cost of food in Paris is actually rather expensive. So, depends on what type of food you like, you can either press the budget or add more money to the budget.

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We hope that our cost estimation of trip to Paris cost for two can help you to plan your trip well. Enjoy Paris!