Understanding the Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Understanding the best time to visit Indonesia will be the perfect solution for you if you want to have pleasant, unforgettable vacation in the beautiful country. Indonesia has numerous islands. You can visit different parts of Indonesia in every vacation and you may not have enough time because this country is simply huge. However, below is the explanation of the best time to visit Indonesia so that you can choose the perfect time for the holiday.

  1. When to Visit Indonesia?

The beginning of the year, January to March, is probably the right time for you to visit Indonesia. At the beginning of the year, Indonesia should be in sunny season. However, due to climate changing, the weather in Indonesia is now quite unpredictable. Rain may still happen during this period of time. If you want to visit Bali or Jogja during this time, you can have a nice holiday because the hotel rates are not high, the cities are not too crowded because it is not holiday season, and the weather is quite great as well. If you want to visit Sumatera or Papua for its rain forest and diving spots, the beginning of the year seems to be perfect as well.

  1. When Not to Visit Indonesia?
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Visiting Indonesia is probably better to be avoided on the holiday seasons. There are two holiday peaks in Indonesia: in the middle of the year and at the end of the year. Avoid coming to Indonesia in June-August because it is the period when school year ends. Children are not at school. They are on holiday as well. Beside of that, June-August will be the time when the Lebaran celebrations come and people will flood the transportation system, including the roads. It is an utter chaos for people who do not like crowded streets and stuff. The same thing happens in December but instead of Lebaran, it is Christmas and New Year. That is why the road is so crowded and full of cars and motorbikes.

Now that you know when to and when not to visit Indonesia, you can plan your holiday from now on. Remember that Indonesia is just huge, you can visit Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, and so on in different time. Of course visiting Java will take different “perfect time” compared to visit Sumatera or other islands. However, just plan your vacation well and mind the timing to get the perfect Indonesian holiday. It does not have to be on the best time to visit Indonesia.

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