Unique Things to Do in Lyon France


Have you ever visited Lyon France? For you who have a plan to visit Lyon, you are better to know about unique things to do in Lyon France. It will make you have a great moment in Lyon. Actually, there are so many things can be done in Lyon France. Read some information below to know more about it.

Why I Need to Visit Lyon France?

Many tourists feel so attract to visit Lyon. Actually, there are some reasons of why Lyon becomes the choice of many tourists. Lyon is one large World Heritage Site. It means you will see uniqueness in Lyon. Lyon is the best place where you can create memorable memories with your friend and also family.

Some uniqueness of Lyon are historic industrial districts, Roman ruins, and the look of a big renaissance old town. Those are uniqueness you can find in Lyon. Not only that, Lyon is a good choice for you who like eating unique foods. Lyon’s culinary is so great. Why? It is because Lyon is city of the chef, such as Paul Bocuse.

Top and Unique Thigns to Do In Lyon France

Now, let’s we talk about some unique things to do in Lyon France. Here are some unique things to do in Lyon that can be your recommendation:

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Vieux Lyon

As mentioned before, Lyon has uniqueness relate to renaissance old town. When you visit Lyon France, you are better to visit Vieux Lyon to see the view of renaissance old town. It looks so unique and classic.

Fourviere Basilica

Other unique thing to do in Lyon France is visiting Fourviere Basilica—a magnificent church and also included into the oldest part of the city. You can go inside to see wonderful interiors. You can also visit the Museum of Sacred Art. For you who love art so much, this place is really good to visit in Lyon.

Parc  de la tete d’Or

For you who visit Lyon France in spring day, you are better to visit Parc de la Tete d’Or. This park is so beautiful and shows more than 20000 plant varieties. It is a good place to visit with your kids and family.

There are still many unique things to do in Lyon France, such as visiting presqu’ile, visiting Ancient Theatre of Fourviere, visiting Lyon Cathedral, and many more. You can make a list about things to do in Lyon France, and finally you can enjoy every time in Lyon France.