Unique Things to Do In New Haven CT


Spending spare time or holiday in New Haven CT is a good choice, so no wonder if many people want to know about things to do in New Haven CT. Some people may think that New Haven CT is underrated city. Actually, that is so wrong. New Haven CT has so many uniqueness. You can also do so many activities or unique things in New Haven CT. Read some information below to know more about it.

Unique Things to Do in New Haven CT

As mentioned before, there are so many things to do in New Haven CT. Here are some unique things to do in New Haven CT:

Tour Yale University

Yale University is America’s third-oldest college. Here you can see so many uniqueness. Because it is old university, it makes you able to see unique architecture. It is also place where you can see various exhibits. By visiting Yale University, you can also know about Yale traditions.

Choose a Side in the Pizza war

We have mention that New Haven CT has so many uniqueness, included unique culinary. For you who want to try various pizza tastes, you can visit New Haven CT. There are so many types of pizza you can eat in Modern Apizza, Saly’s Pizza, and Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. New Haven CT is the best place to enjoy delicious pizza.

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Hear Live Music

If you like watching live music, New Haven CT is the good choice to watch live music. You can visit Toad’s Place. It is a legendary music dive that is so popular. So, you are better to visit this place for enjoying live music. If you like jazz, you can visit Firehouse 12. It is also good destination to hear good quality music. Here you can also buy cheap drink you can enjoy during watching performance of jazz band.

Other Unique Things to Do In New Haven CT

Actually, New Haven CT has other good places to do unique things. Even if you just walk to see the situation of New Haven CT, you will find so many uniqueness of New haven CT. If some lists above are not enough, there are some other things you can do in New Haven CT, such as savor the view from East Rock park, get an insider’s perspective on New Haven’s Culinary scene, see theater in a dramatic setting, and many more. By knowing things to do in New Haven CT, you will enjoy your time in New Haven CT.