Visit Them to Find Interesting Things to Do in Monaco

Monaco is one of best vacation destination. This small country near Mediterranean Sea offers many interesting things. Nature beauty, great facilities and attraction you can see and try, as well as interesting entertainment, all of them are available in this place. So, basically, if you are looking for things to do in monaco, we can say there will be many of them you can try. But, because there are too many, maybe you have problem to choose one. So, here are some of activities you can try when you visit Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco is well-known as the city of casino, just like Las Vegas. And, one of the most popular casinos is Monte Carlo casino. You can try your luck and spend your money to play the game here. However, if you has quite limited budget, you can still explore this place. Please your eyes with the beauty of those high class worlds. Luxury car and beautiful building can be found here. Basically, you can feel yourself enter the world of James Bond.

Saint-Martin Gardens

Saint-Martin garden is the best place, where you can enjoy the true beauty of Mediterranean Sea. The pathway here is actually the best part of this garden. Just strolling slowly on this path will help you to relax your mind. The pathway is decorated with many beautiful plant and flower. And, while you enjoy the warm of sunlight, you also can see the beautiful sea. It’s so peaceful and calm.

Place du Palace

This place is the palace where prince lives. It’s located in old town, so basically you will see the ancient scenery of Monaco. But, that’s not the interesting part you can see in this place. When you visit this place just before 11:55 a.m. you can see something interesting. Every day at that time, there is traditional ritual to change the palace guard. This is very interesting ritual you can’t find in other place.

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Le Metropole Shopping Centre

Like its name, this is where you can shop and buy anything that you like. This shopping centre is designed with beautiful style. So, it will help you to relax more when you buy many things here. And maybe, this is the place where you can find more things to do in monaco. So, do not miss this place, when you visit Monaco for vacation or relieving your stress. You won’t have any problem to have fun here.

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