Visit These Most Beautiful Country in the World

Visit These Most Beautiful Country in the World

Do you love travelling? Check these Most beautiful country in the world that we pick especially for you, travelers.


This country is popular because of a lot of attractive tourism spots are there. The most famous one is Dubrovnik which is the movie location of Game of Thrones. The view of Adriatic Sea is seen clearly from this place. There are also many historical buildings in Croatian for you who love historical tourism.


There are various amazing tourism places in Swiss. But the most amazing place which make travelers fall in love with this country is the view of Titlis Snow Mountain. There are various fun ways for you to enjoy the sight of this snow mountain, from riding cable cars until skiing and also snowboarding.


Italy becomes one of the prettiest countries in the world because of beautiful cities such as Venice and Rome are there. This country is famous because of the vineyard, the pretty hotels, and other beautiful places. The most famous place to visit when you travel to Italy is Colosseum, the iconic gladiator ancient roman era. You are also able to visit other iconic places of Italy such as Pantheon and Florence Cathedral.


When it comes to Australia, the thing that come across first is Kangaroo. Australia has a lot of similarities with New Zealand because of its natural resources. Meadows, beaches, lakes, deserts, make Australia the most beautiful country. When you visit this country, you are able to enjoy the beauty of the top of Australian Alps, the Great Ocean Road, Whitsunday Island, and many more. If you look for an amazing diving place, you can come to the Great Barrier Reef, and you will never be disappointed.

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China has city beauties and culture beauties which cannot be competed by anything in this world. The culture of China contains of information which is divided to heritages, arts, traditions, festivals, languages, and symbols. Its capital city, Beijing, is famous because of its beauties but Shanghai is also pretty and the biggest porcelain city in the world. China has festivals which are different from any festivals such as mid-autumn festival.

South Africa

South Africa is the biggest safaris land on earth. There is Kruger National Park which is the prettiest park in this country which is able to give you a meaningful holiday. This country is a great place because of its wildlife and make it becomes the most beautiful country in the world.

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