Visiting Japan for the First Time: Do’s and Don’ts

Visiting Japan for the First Time: Do’s and Don’ts

Japan is always mesmerizing tourists across the globe to always want to come there again and again. Read our tips below for visiting Japan for the first time.

Japanese’s culture

  • Japanese bow either to greet or respect a person. For a casual bow, you should bend your body 15 degrees. On the other hand, you should bow from your waist deeply when you meet someone who is highly respected or just elders.
  • Make sure you thank to your host before eating and finish the meal. You should thank her or him for their companion as well as the meal by bowing. Japanese considers it as proper table manners.
  • Don’t talk to anyone or use your mobile phone on buses and trains. Japanese usually listen to music, sleep or read quietly.
  • Walk, park and drive on the left side. It is maybe different compare to the country you are from, but you should get used to it. Use the left side too when you are in the elevators or on the escalators.
  • Put your glass face down the counter alongside with your bowl up on the counter’s bar with a damp towel after you finish eating.
  • Point something or someone with open hand. It is considered as rude when you point using forefinger.
  • Waiters will be offended if you tip him or her.
  • Use the house slippers which your host provides when you enter someone’s Japanese house. Put your outdoor sandals or shoes at the doorway.
  • When you are about to enter a room covered with tatami flooring, remove the house slippers. You can enter the room with your socked or bare feet.
  • Use your toilet slippers when you visit someone’s toilet in his or her house. Don’t wear the house slippers to enter the toilet.
  • Always pay attention to the signs before you want to take photos since there are areas that are not allowed to be captured.
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Japanese food, drink, and transportation

  • In order to be able to travel the Japan Rail, metro, and subway, make sure you get the Suica Card in convenience store.
  • Avoid the famous restaurants because food in Japan is expensive.
  • Whether it’s bottled or tap water, the Japanese water is totally safe to drink. You can find some public fountains to refill your bottle.

We hope those tips in visiting Japan for the first time will help you getting the best experience during your time in Japan. Get your gear ready!

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